The term “cloud” is used alot these day’s but many business leaders don’t fully understand what the cloud means for business compared to traditional IT.

What is the Cloud?

Software / data hosted on a dedicated server outside the business.

Moving to the cloud

Like most things the cloud offers benefits but also has disadvantages

In a full cloud environment all data, software is hosted outside the business

For most businesses a hybrid approach is still best, this give the business the best of the cloud while reducing risk and still allows them to retain ownership and control.

Cloud Considerations

Unlike the traditional, break’n’fix approach, we take time to get to know your business, your goals and your staff and work to develop a planned, proactive approach to technology.

Questions you need to ask

Plan / Stratergy

How is the business positioned to leverage technology for growth and profitability.

What is your current IT situation?

Is there a plan / strategy in place? Is your business experiencing any immediate IT challenges?

What is your IT budget?

This would guide us in development of an IT strategy, that is affordable for your business

What are the key needs?

We will seek to understand the needs of key personnel, as well as the business owner/manager. To devise a truly effective IT strategy, we need to ensure that the needs of the end-users are addressed.

Break Fix VS Managed

Break Fix

Generally the IT systems work but theirs always small annoying problems across many parts of the business.

  • Reactive
  • Limited accountability
  • Recurring issues
  • Unpredictable
  • Slow systems
  • Can’t access what you need to do your work, easily and reliably
  • Never ending IT costs


We work with you to create a IT plan and strategy that meets your business needs and budget and manage your IT over the long term.

  • Proactive
  • Accountability
  • Alignment of your IT systems and people
  • Planned & predictable
  • Fast and reliable
  • Access data securely
  • Fixed cost