Public cloud - scalable, but not so secure (yet)

We don’t want servers or the cloud. We just want to access the tools we need to do our job.

The cloud, whether private or public offers us the ability to outsource the hardware infrastructure to run business software. We’ve already discussed private cloud a couple of weeks ago, so today we’ll cover the public cloud.

What is the public cloud?

The basic infrastructure is much the same as the private cloud but instead of dedicated hardware for one business, it’s shared across hundreds (or more) of businesses. The public cloud provides a scalable way to run software as you can simply request the CPU, memory and data storage you need to run your software from a pool of servers (that you don’t have to maintain!).


  • Significantly lower cost compared to the private cloud
  • Scalable, you can add or remove hardware and services as you need
  • Internet-facing which provides greater user access


  • Shared infrastructure carries risks from other businesses
  • Can be less secure, should be accessed using MFA and other security measures
  • Uptime and outages can occur

In the next article in this series, we’re going to look at the hybrid cloud.

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