Hi, my name is Josh Wood.

I’m an experienced IT consultant and Technica’s Managing Director. I specialise in technology solutions for SMB’s with five to 100 staff.

Over the last decade i’ve helped a wide variety of businesses that truly understand that technology is an important part of business today and needs to be taken seriously.

It’s this experience that has lead me to break business technology into four key pillars. These are Communications, Data, Software and Support.

This allows us to focus on each area and ensure the right technology is used to meet your business needs, what truly sets Technica apart is that all our solutions are aligned across these pillars to ensure your information technology works for you.

The Four Pillars of IT Success



We provide a range of communication solutions that will connect your team and customers

Email & Collaboration
Business Phones
Network / Wireless & Internet
Websites & E-commerce

● How do you communicate? Email, phones & online. Do you have the right services?
● Does your infrastructure allow for seamless, safe communication across the network?
● How do your clients learn about you? Your website, SEO or digital advertising?

Your business data is important and needs to be stored and backed up, we offer a range of data storage and protection solutions.

Business Data Storage
Backup and Recovery
Off site Backup
Sharing & Collaboration
Business Data Security

● Where do you store your data? Is it humming away on a server or is it floating in a cloud?
● How do you protect, store and back-up your data?
● If disaster strikes, would you be able to recover your data? Have you simulated data recovery lately?

Software is moving into the cloud are you using the best solution for your business needs?

Cloud Services Consulting
Software Consulting
Hardware Consulting

● Are you using the best suited Business Management Systems?
● Can your business take advantage of the latest software developments?
● Are you using the cloud services?
● Do you sell things? Do you ship things? Can you do it all in one click?

Who do you call when you need help? We offer a range of IT management & support services for SMB’s

IT Support Services
Managed IT Services
Consulting & Advice

● Do you have a trusted IT partner that is reliable and experienced with SMB technology
● What is your 5 year business plan? What is your 5 year IT plan?
● Where do you seek impartial, informed IT advice?
● Do you have a IT management & support agreement in place?


Why does Technology fail to deliver

Sadly many businesses fail with technology because it’s not part of the overall business strategy. There’s no plan, budget or consultation about what’s best for the business. It’s ad hoc, unpredictable, frustrating and costly for all involved.

For IT to work for you it starts with integrated planning and strategy and working out what the business technology needs are across the four pillars. The better the alignment, the better the outcome for all stakeholders.

How to succeed with Technology!

When it comes to IT, it’s all too easy to get caught up with technology. Technology isn’t important, it’s what the right technology can do for you and your business that’s important. Before you look at technology solutions you need an IT strategy and plan so you know what your business technology needs really are.

When we examine your business needs across the four pillars we can then align every aspect of your technology to work for the business and ultimately allow you to better serve customers. My goal is to not just make your technology work seamlessly but also increase productivity and lower your technology costs. Once you have a strategy and plan you will know upfront the outcome and the direct and ongoing costs for every aspect of your business technology.

With planning, strategy and the correct technology this is the only way to succeed. As they say if you fail to plan your planning to fail.

My offer to you

  • FREE no-obligation initial chat to get to know each other – I only work with businesses where we have alignment.
  • Full technology plan and strategy based on your business needs across the four pillars
  • Total upfront and ongoing cost to manage your technology based on our stratergy and plan
  • A planned, strategic and accountable approach to business technology

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