Keep your data in your control

Technica Data Cloud offers you a high capacity storage medium that’s in your control, with the ability to easily share and secure your important business data.

Think of TDC as your own private cloud. Using our specalised Network attached storage (NAS) device at your business, data can be securely shared to staff and customers from our easy to use online interface. We also provide you with the full setup and support.

Benefits to your business

Your Private cloud  

With Technica Data Cloud you keep control of your data, it’s your own business private cloud. All your data is stored and managed from the NAS device at your office.

Grows with your business

Unlike cloud based solutions our solution offers you no storage limit or costs per user, our solution can be customised to suit your needs and can grow with your business.

Sharing is simple  

Sharing documents with staff couldn’t be easier, through your online portal you have access to all your files. Share folders or files individually or setup user groups for easy access at the office or while on the road.

Mobile Access

Access your files from any internet connected device. Our solution allows you to access files and data on Windows, Apple and Android operating systems.

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Data Storage – Centralise all business data

All the space you need

Your in full control, the capacity is dependent on your needs and budget and can be extended as required. Get from 500GB up to a massive 10TB capacity.

Data Protection

Using the latest in RAID technology you get full data loss prevention. RAID mirrors your data across multiple hard drives giving you piece of mind.

Data Encryption

Protect your data through the use of banking grade encryption

Want to see our solution in action? Contact us for a no obligation demonstration


Data Sharing – Share your data to any internet connected device

Share folders and files easily

Through your secure online portal you can easily share your data to anyone. This includes shared links to email with expiry, you can set the share to allow read only or full write access. Your in total control of your data and who can have access.

PC, Apple & Android

Access your files from virtually any computer or mobile device. You can access all your data at the office or on the road. Our two way sync also provides you access to your data when you have no internet access.

Conflict Handling

If a file is uploaded that already exists. Users have the option to replace or rename a file and compare. When editing documents you can be sure that your changes wont be lost.



Security – Keeping your data safe and secure

RAID Protection

Using the latest in RAID technology your data is copied across multiple drives, Data loss would require the failure of two drives at the same time which is statistically impossible.

Undelete files

Users can undelete a file that was accidentally deleted through the web interface. Simply select the files in the trash bin and they are returned to where they were deleted from, with file versions.

External Backup

Our solution integrates with a external backup drives or off site backup for complete piece of mind and natural disaster protection.


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