Having a fast, reliable and secure business network is extremely important to be competitive and ensure your IT can operate.

Technica offers a range of network services and support options.


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Email & Collaboration

Email is the way we communicate to our team and customers, but not all email services are the same or provide the same benefits.

Security, spam and access on mobile devices is where we can help your business.

Technica offers Google Apps a leading email and collaboration suite that improve productivity while allowing access to your email, calendars and messages while in or out of the office.


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Office Phones

With your internet service you can have office phones that can call local, national and mobiles at heavily discounted rates.

Using the internet offers many great phone features such as message to email. Attended call transferring and out of hours messages when calling outside your normal trading hours.

With a push of a button on your office phone you can divert all calls to your mobile, receptionist or team member.


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