Security for your business

Digital security is one of the greatest threats facing businesses today, with threats from internal and external sources, malicious and accidental.

If you are worried about the recent hacking, phishing and ransomware attacks, as well as security breaches, hardware failure and intellectual property theft you need to review your security strategy. Data recovery is an expensive, and often unsuccessful enterprise and we advise all our client to put in preventative measures as the best-practice approach.

Digital Security Assessment 

Firstly, we need to assess the extent of your businesses’ security requirements to inform the scope and the budget of the prospective security strategy. For instance, a small business that does not retain client data and are not internet-based can easily protect their business using limited, yet effective, security solutions. In contrast, professional services that work with sensitive data (medical files, financial data and such) are often obliged by legislation to put in place strategies to protect their business and their clients’ businesses.

We also assess and manage physical security risks, such as natural disasters, hardware failure and internal sabotage.

Our Solution

At Technica, we use best practice for all solution security by using a multi-level design. We work under the conservative assumption that nothing can be 100% secure, and we recommend a strategy of several security solutions. Our proactive, personalised approach takes into account the identified risks, business needs and budget.

Managing digital security requires a thorough and up-to-date understanding of the sources of threats, as well as their goals, tools and strategies. Technica will install quality security products and establish an organisational security policy, so that your staff can follow the best-practice processes, including

  • Password security
  • Access management (restricting access to data internally and externally)
  • Strategies to minimise exposure to cyber attacks and threats
  • Organisational policies regarding sharing of data
  • Data backup protocols
  • Cloud data storage

Pop Quiz

Is your business secure? Answer the questions below to find out!

Where is your data stored?

Security and accessibility of client and staff data should be the focus of your current IT Strategy. We believe that multiple levels of protection are required to avoid data loss due to all foreseeable events (such as server failure, malicious attacks, natural disasters and so forth). If your data is stored in one location, without regular back up and maintenance, we urge you to call us on 1300 886 406 immediately.

How old is your hardware?

In our experience, hardware failure is the leading cause of data loss, often leading to expensive downtime and desperate attempts for data recovery. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and advise regular updates to all hardware involved. Call us on 1300 886 406 if your hardware is older than 3 years old.

What login credentials does your staff use?

Does your staff generate their own passwords, or even worse, share them around the office? Insecure passwords have been the cause of the recent hacking you would have read in the news, where Brisbane businesses were blackmailed into paying to decrypt their own data. Luckily, there are a number of software solutions that can be implemented to make IT access easy and secure for all.

What safeguards do you have in place against deletions?

Sadly, files and entire folders go missing all the time. This is often due to accidental deletions or movement by staff, but on rare occasions, we have encountered disgruntled employees attempting sabotage. With regular back up and redundancy, your business can be easily protected against the human factors. Call us on 1300 886 406 to find out how.

Does your business follow the safety protocols required by your industry?

As we specialise working with professional services, we are familiar with data storage restrictions imposed by the industry bodies. Still, many businesses are non-compliant and risk losing registration, by unknowingly storing data off-shore. Cloud storage solutions, such as Dropbox, are the main culprits. Your business can store and access data in the Australia-based cloud, and only you can control who has access to it.  Call us on 1300 886 406 to learn more.