Digital Marketing for Brisbane Businesses

We provide comprehensive Digital Marketing services to small and medium businesses across Brisbane. As with our IT solutions, we take time to get to know your business and it’s needs to develop an effective strategy, the associated budget, and expected outcomes. Each client receives a solution that is highly customised, incorporating tools and resources that are needed to achieve the specified business objectives.

Depending on your business, we may offer to:

  • Design, host and maintain your website
  • Create and manage all your digital marketing channels (including social media, review sites, Google AdWords, and SEO)
  • Develop and implement off-line marketing activities (including print and radio advertising)

Following the initial consultation, you will receive a detailed proposal from Technica outlining the suggested marketing activities along with the budget, timeline and resources required.


Pop Quiz

Do you need help with managing your marketing and brand image? Answer the questions below to find out!

Does your business have a website?

A clean, professional and regularly-updated website should be the cornerstone of your business. More important than any business card, your website needs to effectively communicate all the information your potential clients may require. Your website’s data needs to be regularly reviewed to ensure all visitors are hitting the right pages and taking the desired actions.

Does your business have social media accounts?

If you do – fantastic! You need to ensure you have dedicated resources to promoting, managing and listening to all social media accounts associated with your brand. If not, the chances are that unaffiliated pages have been created by customers and platforms (i.e. Google Plus). If the prospect of unsupervised brand pages concern you (as it should), get in touch with us on 1300 886 406.

Do you regularly engage with your customers?

It is far easier to keep current customers happy than try to recruit new ones every time. Luckily, digital channels have made it easier than ever to maintain relationships with clients who value and care about your business, with the prospect of them becoming your brand ambassadors! A carefully curated content calendar is required, as well as a timely professional response from the business in order to maintain and grow this relationship.

Do you know what your customers are saying about you?

Customers often talk about a brand and it’s service in two ways – directly and indirectly. They may leave reviews, comments and send messages to your social media accounts, with the intent of being heard by the business in questions. In addition to that, they may also check-in into your location, recommend your services to friends and use unofficial hashtags. In order to understand your current brand image, you need to ensure that resources are allocated to monitor, curate and direct all forms of communication.

What is your marketing budget?

Every business requires a marketing budget, although sizes vary significantly according to business size, it’s needs and prospective growth patterns. Thanks to the latest digital tools, even $1 spend per day can be used to target people who have visited your website, your competitors’ websites or have viewed your page on social media. Call us on 1300 886 406 to discuss your options.