Moving Brisbane businesses to the Cloud

Access and safely store your files, software and content using Technica’s Cloud and remote access solutions! Our clients secure their data, gain workplace flexibility and save money by taking advantage of Cloud-based software solutions. Even the most remote areas are now suitable for Cloud, using two-way sync solutions.

The most simple way to understand the Cloud is to take the core servers, software and data that traditionally would be at your business premise and put these into a purpose-built data centre. The infrastructure used in these data centres are normally well outside the budgets of most small businesses, as they use virtualisation to securely split these very powerful servers, networks and data into virtual allocations. Data centre are purpose built with temperature and humidity control, fire protection and extremely fast internet connectivity through multiple carriers.

Cloud Benefits

  • Outsource your core hardware, software and IT infrastructure.
  • Faster hardware that can be scaled to meet business needs
  • Greater reliability, if hardware fails or has a problem it can simply be moved to another device, if using HA (High availability) this is can be done automatically.
  • Move from upfront capital cost to fixed cost or pay for what you need
  • Faster internet and connectivity to the world
  • Better security of data and backup
  • Greater access for remote workers

However, we believe that the full-Cloud environment (where all business data is stored off-site) is disadvantageous and we encourage adopting a hybrid solution. In such, we install a strategy that utilises all the benefits of Cloud storage, while retaining control over private data. We also work to accommodate for existing internet speed at your business site, ensuring that users do not experience delays while working from the Cloud.

Pop Quiz

Can the Cloud help you run your business? Answer these few questions to find out!

Do you have a smartphone?

Fantastic! That means you are ready to manage and work in your business any time, anywhere! Windows, Apple or Android devices offer fantastic platforms not only for e-mail access but support numerous applications to run your business, from accounting software to freight tracking.

Do you or your staff work from home or while travelling?

From personal experience, we know that noone likes coming into the office on their weekends. Save yourself and your staff the heartache and implement a scalable solution so you can tackle all those “can’t wait” tasks. Call us on 1300 886 406 to discuss your options.

Do you need access to your business data while meeting with clients?

Remember that report you submitted two years ago? Neither do we, but often times the client does and would like to compare the results. You should be able to pull up any of your data any time, anywhere with ease and confidence.

Is your business running out of server space to store existing data?

As your data storage approaches capacity, we run the risk of server corruption and data loss. The Cloud offers a cheap and scalable solution for any business that wants to remain in control of their IT assets.

Does your staff need to work on the same document at the same time?

We know we can share folders and files over the Cloud, but did you know you can increase productivity by allowing multiple staff members tackle the same document? With conflict handling systems in place, no input ever gets lost and no two staff members find themselves double handling tasks.