Slash Telco & Communications Costs

Are you looking to improve communication while reducing costs? Digital Communication, such as VoIP business phones, are the future for all Australian businesses! 

If your business is still using a fixed landline phone system, you are most likely paying hefty phone bills and managing large ongoing costs. Fixed landlines are also difficult to expand (to add further lines and extensions), and often simple changes take weeks. You are also locked into with a provider who does little to address your needs. 

Digital communications, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connects your business to the world through the internet, for a fraction of the cost. The system is easy to set up and the handsets are similar to traditional phones, however, it comes packed with amazing management features, such as call transfer, call queuing, group ringing, phone directories and much much more. No wonder that digital communication is forecast to eclipse analogue by 2022!  As we move towards faster internet speeds, it’s only a matter of time until you (and your competitors) move across to services such as VoIP over the coming years.

VoIP phones are the perfect solution for multi-site businesses, and businesses, where staff need to work remotely. VoIP services will further reduce costs by centralising all business communications.

The key advantages of VoIP phones include:

  1. Reduced costs. You can choose from dozens of digital providers, so if you do a lot of mobile calls, you can go use a provider that offers unlimited mobile calls for a fixed price
  2. No expensive hardware to buy, the system is entirely software-based
  3. You and your staff can work anywhere! Provided you have a reliable internet connection, you can receive and make business calls using your mobile phone as if you were in the office
  4. It’s flexible and can be expanded as you need. As your business changes, we can easily add or remove phones.

However, we need to assess the suitability of your business site before signing up for VoIP services. Adequate internal wiring and internet connection are required to ensure sound clarity and connection consistency. Most businesses should engage an independent business technology consultant, such as Technica that will assist in finding the right digital communications solution based on call type and volume.

VoIP Phone Benefits

Can you hear me? Check out these great benefits of digital phones

Boost productivity with Advanced Communication Features

  • Voice to email
  • Ring groups
  • Integrated voice prompts
  • Advanced call routing
  • After hours call routing rules
  • Reporting and management
  • Connect offices locally / Globally

Save on phone bills

  • Our clients reduce costs by 50% or more!
  • No expensive hardware
  • Update the software to add new features
  • Runs on most existing infrastructure