Data Storage & Backup

Business data is the lifeblood of business and every business should have a strategy and plan on how data will be stored and secured.

We believe a hybrid storage solution is the data storage and back up solution best for small and medium businesses. We work under the conservative assumption that nothing can be 100% secure, and we recommend a strategy of several security solutions. Our proactive, personalised approach uses the Cloud as well as dedicated onsite data solutions that are designed to store and protect data.

The majority of Australian organisations are already embracing this approach and are transforming their business IT strategy to include multiple storage options which greatly mitigate the risk of data loss. According to the IDC CloudView 2016 survey more than half of the Australian firms have already adopted what they consider a hybrid cloud strategy.

Our data storage and back up solutions take into account your business. We take the time to understand

  • Your business needs
  • Your budget
  • The volume of data that needs to be stored
  • The frequency of data access
  • The number of expected users

Many of our clients are required by law to store their data only within Australia, and our solutions are compliant with the Data Sovereignty guidelines. You can read more on our multi-layered approach to data security here.