Fast & Reliable Internet

Slow internet and dropouts are frustrating and greatly affect business and staff productivity. In our connected world having fast and reliable internet can be the difference between business success and failure.

As we become more dependant on the internet for different services, from email, phones to remote access. Having a fast, reliable and secure internet is imperative.

Common Problems

While internet speed is often dictated by the connection access type (ADSL, Cable, NBN etc.), there are a number of other factors that also impact your business’ internet. If you’re experiencing slow internet or dropouts then your internet service may be affected by more than one of the issues listed. In our experience, most intermittent issues are usually caused by a number of factors and are exacerbated by the absence of an IT Strategy

Reasons why you have slow or unreliable internet:

  • Poor internal and/or external wiring
  • Outdated software and/or hardware
  • Internet provider choice
  • The premise infrastructure
  • The number of users and their needs
  • Increased demand for cloud-based products (i.e. cloud file storage and email)
  • Illegitimate use of your network
  • Poor network planning/ad-hoc IT systems

Our Solution

A thorough review by an independent business technology specialist, such as Technica, will identify the causes and provide a clear plan and strategy to get the best possible solution for internet speed and reliability. Technica will review and address all potential causes, and examine alternative options from all providers, developing a communications strategy that is personalised to your business needs and budget.

As independent business IT consultants, we do not receive a commission from telecommunication companies and we specialise in providing unbiased advice. We work with our clients, for our clients –  to develop and implement the best solutions, taking into account our clients’ business needs and budget.

Additional Benefits

Technica will proactively examine your business needs to develop a communications plan that is right for your needs into the future. For instance, in addition to improved connectivity, your business can benefit from new solutions on the market, such as VoIP phones and cloud-based software. With greater efficiency, these solutions are significantly more cost effective than the traditional phone and software systems. 

You will also gain more control over your business’ digital assets and will be able to restrict staff access to certain sites and download speeds. This is important not only for maintaining good connectivity, but also to minimise the security risk associated with illegitimate internet use (personal use, streaming, malicious attacks etc).