Connect Your Business

In addition to the external network (internet), your staff rely on your internal network (which may be wired or wireless) to access files, devices and other computers. So, even though you may have great internet access, you may still have trouble maintaining a reliable connection between all your devices and computers due to internal network issues.

Data transfer dropouts, printers becoming “unavailable” and inaccessible files can be a cause of frustration for your staff, considering that the devices are often within the walking distance of each other!

Common Problems

A poor internal network is often caused by a combination of factors, and a thorough onsite analysis is required to identify the cause(s)

The following factors often need to be addressed:

  • Bad/poor wiring at the business premise
  • Outdated or not optimal network hardware
  • Outdated computers and devices
  • Incapability between technologies and devices used
  • No IT plan or strategy.

Our Solution

A thorough review by an independent business technology specialist, such as Technica, will identify the cause and provide a clear strategy to improve internal connectivity at your premise(s). As independent business IT consultants, we do not receive a commission from telecommunication companies and we specialise in providing unbiased advice. We work with our clients, for our clients – to develop and implement the best solutions, taking into account our clients’ business needs and budget.

Technica will also proactively examine your business needs, in order to develop a strategy that is worth investing in. Your internal business network can be upgraded, taking into account your premises’ internet connection, data storage needs and Cloud usage. Your business may also advantage of server-based software licencing by hosting the software on a shared server, as opposed to each employee’s computer and save a fortune.