Empower Your Practice with Smart & Effective Technology

01. Discover

We learn everything about your practice and current situation, we look at challenges relating to your business, clients, staff and technology.

In our Discovery phase we’re not talking about new technology and solutions; this is mainly an open discussion where we focus on getting to know you, your business, current technology and future goals. 



We ask questions to fully understand your current IT situation, including any challenges and any areas that are working well. We examine what segments of your practice are holding you back and get a clear understanding of your current and future business goals and needs.

Unified & Aligned Technology

We break down your business across the 4 pillars of Innovation, this allows us to clearly understand your Clients, Staff, Operations and Products so we can get unified alignment across your practice. 

We Take Our Time To Get Know You

We are very thorough. We work closely with you and ask lots of questions: 

For example:

  • What is the purpose of technology in your practice?

  • How do you use technology currently, and what results are you achieving?

  • What are your current challenges and needs? What are your future needs?

  • What is your innovation to risk tolerance

  • Why do you need help?

We examine and audit current technology
across four critical areas

Are we able to help?

Successful technology is about alignment, planning and result driven outcomes. We only seek to work with clients where we have alignment and we can guarantee desired outcomes.

At this stage

  • We clearly understand your business, it’s technology and your future goals and expected outcomes.
  • Whether we have alignment and can help you reach your desired future and outcomes.

If you’re happy to proceed we will then discuss how we can help and provide you with an engagement offer. It’s then unto you, no pressure or obligation at all.

Client fit is extremely important to us so if our offer isn’t right for your needs that’s totally fine.

There is nothing permanent except change.