As a fast growing company JAAM was having challenges managing files and data in the business, they also needed access to email across multiple devices and an easy way to allow staff access to project data , email and calendars while away from the office.

In our consultation with JAAM we come up with two affordable and effective solutions.

Google Apps for Business
Google App’s for business is a full productivity suite that rivals most enterprise solutions. It’s simple and affordable and works great for JAAM, email and calendars are synchronized across computers and mobile devices for all staff, calendars can be shared so everyone is kept up to date.

Network Attached Storage
Due to the amount of data to be stored, the use of a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device was the best option to allow JAAM to store, share and protect all files and data. The NAS is made for file storage and sharing with built in recovery and support that even expensive servers can’t provide.

The NAS was installed at the JAAM office, all data is stored and retained by JAAM. For disaster protection a secondary NAS was installed at the director’s home, everyday all changed files are synchronized from the office NAS to the home NAS. This solutions provides full redundancy in the event of any major natural disaster.

What our solution has done for JAAM

  • Centralized and secured all business files and data
  • Fully automated offsite backup for disaster recovery
  • Easy access to files and data remotely via computer and mobile devices
  • Email and calendars are now synced across all computers and mobile devices
  • Large capacity of storage that will grow with the business

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